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Over 100 bespoke internal doors and 2 kilometres of Atkey and Company’s Victorian Collection architraves and skirting were created, supplied and fitted in the creation of a vast classically inspired new build luxury property on the exclusive The Bishops Avenue, Hampstead, London, N2.

The Bishops Avenue in Hamsptead is one of the most exclusive streets in the world, lined with private villas in an eclectic mix of classical and period English architectural styles.

Creating an Elegant Architectural Style

The property owner’s brief was to reflect the external architecture in the internal detailing and to maintain a classical English architectural style throughout. Authentic period mouldings were not essential for listing purposes but were nevertheless selected as an appropriate choice to create a consistently elegant classical architectural style. To achieve this we created, supplied and fitted over 100 bespoke internal doors, and 2 kilometers of Atkey and Company’s Victorian Collection architraves and skirting.

Bespoke internal doors were designed with raised and fielded panels and Victorian timber panel details, selected from the Atkey and Company Victorian Collections. A hierarchy of detail and design was applied with the main rooms furnished with luxury hardwood finishes and sets of bifold of doors. Single and two panel doors were chosen for the upper levels. Solid brass Nanz ironmongery were selected by the client to complete the luxury design.

Atkey and Co’s Victorian skirting VSK0005 and VSK0152 and architrave VAR0001 and architrave VAR0061 were selected throughout the property.

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