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Bespoke Timber Mouldings

The details that define a property

Atkey and Company are experts in the design and production of fine, period-perfect architectural joinery – joinery which defines a property. We work for architects and interior designers to create historically accurate bespoke timber mouldings that span the best known periods of British architecture.

We specialise in the reinstatement of authentic joinery detail and mouldings to period properties from which they have been removed, damaged or obscured over time. Inspired and guided by the country’s most complete historical archive of architectural joinery, our bespoke period mouldings feature skirting board, architrave and dado rail designs from the Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Arts & Crafts and Edwardian architectural eras, as well as picture rails, plinth blocks, door linings, window shutters, timber panelling and more. We also offer a unique collaboration which draws from the archives of the Sir John Soane Museum.

All our work is made to order and designed to suit the character of a given period property. Please ask us about the installation or re-introduction of period mouldings within your project .

Hand made door mouldings
Hand made doors and mouldings

THE VISUAL EFFECT OF Architectural Mouldings

Originally intended to perform a purely functional role in concealing the junction between floor and wall, or between door lining and building aperture, architraves and skirtings have evolved to include a plethora of moulded details whose interplay of light and shade serves to create varying aesthetic appeal.

Within British period properties, the architectural mouldings that are present are generally indicative of an owner’s wish to reinforce the status of certain internal areas over others. Architraves, skirtings, panelling and window surrounds were employed as visual cues to inform visitors which rooms they were expected to visit… and which they were not.

The designs of period mouldings have, unsurprisingly, changed over time to reflect the wider changes seen in architectural fashions, and Atkey and Company is able to advise and assist you in specifying the most appropriate moulding designs for a given property, and for specific areas within that property.


Architraves and Skirting Boards

The two most prominent and obvious examples of mouldings employed in architecture, architraves and skirting boards each play a vital role in defining a room’s character.

An architrave constitutes a key visual aspect of any doorway and, when applied correctly, will suggest anything from modesty and understatement to opulence and grandeur, dictating how someone perceives the overall aesthetic of a given room.

In a similar way, skirting boards were originally designed to be a functional cover between wall and floor, but they too can dramatically influence the perceived status of a room.

When creating architraves or skirting boards for a project, we can either take a sample of the current moulding to recreate it, or we can develop a new design based on our extensive archive and knowledge of historical mouldings.

Architrave moulding
We would be happy to discuss your project and let you know more about how we work. Please call us on 01934 806883 or send us a message.