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    Refurbishment of Heckfield Place, Hampshire

    We are delighted to have been involved in the refurbishment of Heckfield Place, originally a beautiful family home and...

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    Identifying Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian period architecture

    The Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods of British architecture are often collectively referred to as ‘classical’, yet each represents...

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    The Style and Characteristics of Georgian Architecture

    “Doors and windows are condemned by passing fools who know not that they condemn Palladio’s Rules” Jon Gay, Epistle...

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    Tracing the inspiration for the Atkey and Company Georgian Collection.

    In a recent article we described the main characteristics of Georgian architecture. This article builds on that, giving examples...

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    Timber remains the Ideal Material for Interior Doors

    “The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them”...

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    Style and Characteristics of Victorian Architectural Joinery

    In this article we explore some of the characteristics of Victorian architectural design and show how these are represented...

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    No Substance Without Shadow – The Art of Architectural Mouldings

    Chiaroscuro is an Italian term coined by artists and art historians to describe the use of strong tonal contrasts...

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    Repair, Restore or Replace Your Period Door

    The sensitive restoration of a period property raises a number of questions relating to the choice of interior joinery...

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    Georgian classical newbuild in Henley on Thames

    Classically styled new build properties reach perfection when the quality and styling of the internal details are harmonious with...

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    The Bishops Avenue London

    Over 100 bespoke internal doors and 2 kilometres of Atkey and Company’s Victorian Collection architraves and skirting were created,...