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Atkey and Company makes authentic, period-perfect architectural joinery. Our product range is based on a unique historical reference catalogue of doors and mouldings sourced from the best-known periods of British architecture. We provide our clients with bespoke, high quality joinery in keeping with the period, style and status of individual properties.

We work with architects, interior designers, main contractors and home owners, providing a consultancy service to allow them to fully realise their wishes in either restoring a property to its former glory, or building some period character and quality into modern buildings.


Atkey and Company has built up a unique collection of period joinery examples, representing the best of British building design – from the Georgian and Regency periods through the Victorian, Arts and Crafts and Edwardian periods to the modern day. We often refer to these examples when reinstating or designing new mouldings for a client, but each item is custom made and each project is unique. We can create pieces not found in our collection should they be required and we have many more designs that are not visible in our catalogue. Please click to browse our online catalogue now, or call us on 01934 806883 to discuss your project.

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