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Northaw House in Hertfordshire has seen many changes in its layout over the past few hundred years. A Georgian manor house with multiple phases of later works, it retains many original features but hides almost as many more.

With the development team away from site, we took the opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of this beautiful property, in order to understand the process by which the building had evolved through the years.

Here’s a brief 30-second video that shows the state of the property when we visited in February 2023.

Although its core dates from theh 18th Century, Northaw House has been extended and altered a number of times over it history.
Video run time: 30secs

With any period property – and particularly those that have undergone earlier modernisations and developments, our first job is a comprehensive investigation of all areas. Only by doing so can we hope to understand the ways in which a property has been altered, and in the process gain some insight into the goals of those who have gone before us. We are generally tasked with reinstating the most appropriate mouldings within a property, so it is important to know the full history of a building before deciding which period might in fact be ‘correct’ for a given area, and before designing and recommending the moudings that would suit it best.

In time, we are hoping to make follow-up visits to allows us to update the Northaw House story here.

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