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Disclaimer & Legal

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Atkey and Company strives, to the fullest extent possible, to provide accurate and updated content on this website. Unfortunately, there may occasionally be changes to or discontinued products and other unintentional errors on our site. Neither Atkey and Company, nor any employee or representative of Atkey and Company will be held liable for damages arising from the use of this website or the products sold here.


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We have used XHTML 1.0 and CSS that conforms to specification, as laid out by the W3C because we believe that usability and accessibility must have a solid foundation. If anything on this web site does not validate correctly, please contact enquiries@atkeyandco.com.

We have also endeavoured to achieve AA accessibility as measured against version 1.0 of the WCAG. We are aware however, that a number of the checkpoints of the WCAG are subjective — and although we are sure that we have met them squarely, there may be instances where interpretation may vary.