Timber doors primed for painted finish

When the option to have items primed in the workshop is selected, two coats of A/C based primer will be applied, after the first coat the item is lightly sanded to remove wood grain that has been raised due to absorption of moisture in the paint, and then the second coat applied ready for the application of top coats on site. To achieve the finest finish the item should be lightly sanded with a fine grade sandpaper i.e. 320 grit, to provide a key for the top coat/s; care should be taken to remove any resulting dust which would affect the final quality of finish. Gloss finish paints may require the additional application of undercoat.


Atkey doors, linings and timber mouldings should always be stored flat on a protective surface, separated by spacers to allow equal air flow around the items.

Atkey products should not under any circumstances be stored outside, nor in any environment where moisture levels are above those normally found within buildings – for example rooms where plasterwork is still drying out. (Usually the relative humidity in inhabited buildings would be between 40 and 65%, depending on heating and cooling systems and the time of year.) Timber remains hydroscopic and exposure to relative humidity levels of 70% or more can cause excessive swelling, leading to distortion and damage of the product.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Our doors are made by hand in our workshop in Somerset, UK. Due to the periodic requirement to sharpen tooling, it is possible that small differences in the profile of mouldings may occur between batches – it is therefore advisable that, where mouldings are likely to be installed in close proximity with each other, they should be ordered together.

Doors with Fire Resistance

To protect occupants and the fabric of historic buildings, most doors that Atkey and Company produces can be fire rated to FD20, FD30/S and FD60/S. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Door with Acoustic Rating

Various acoustic improvements can be offered for most Atkey and Company doors. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.


Timber is an inherently a sustainable choice of material – It is naturally renewable and recyclable. Good forestry management is required to prevent practices such as deforestation, illegal logging, and human right violations that come with trades in exotic hardwoods. Atkey and Co has chain of custody certification C005564 from the Forestry Stewardship Council. FSC is a non-profit organisation established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. As a certified supplier of sustainability produced timber we maintain control and traceability of all certified material that we buy, process and sell. Timber required to be FSC certified must be specified prior to quotation.