About Us

Atkey and Company are makers of exemplary doors and timber mouldings, whose designs are sourced from original examples from the best known periods of British building design. Atkey’s doors and mouldings are handmade by our joiners to the highest standards of production.

Atkey and Company offer a range of authentic interior doors and timber mouldings from the Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Edwardian periods. Our Contemporary Collection combines modern aesthetics with a selection of the best of period designs to produce a range of contemporary doors. Details matter and we apply the same attentiveness to proportion and design as for our period collections.

When involved in the reinstatement of original detail, the refurbishment or sensitive extension of historic buildings, or the design of new buildings the Atkey catalogue enables designers, architects and homeowners to specify appropriate, elegant and well-proportioned architectural joinery.

Because each item within the Atkey archive can be traced to an original example, the catalogue can be viewed as a work of reference that provides a sound basis for design and encourages a closer adherence to authentic period joinery created by the masters from the past.